A fresh and exciting approach to freemium & premium gaming

We enable innovative gaming experiences for today’s market, whilst providing the very best and most sustainable player experience


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The Begame Group is made up of of four distinct functions:

Dazzletag Entertainment Ltd. hosts our portfolio of online casual gaming brands. These include our flagship brands plus a suite of uniquely themed casual gaming brands each targeting a specific behaviour segment. Visit site


Our in-house unique gaming platform. A solid state-of-the-art gaming platform for first-class operators, providing an expansive best-in-class gaming experience.


One of the largest, most respected and trusted online gaming affiliate networks in the industry. Gogame brings you generous commission schemes and fast payouts. Visit site


Our in-house games studio. Mygame allows us to create new and exciting online casual gaming experiences delivered seamlessly across all devices. With our wealth of experience, we know what makes players stick.

About Us

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Our company values

Our values are informed and influenced by every member of the Begame family. For us, the values are more than just words on a page. They guide each decision we make, serving as the path we’ll follow to achieve our goals and mission. Also our values help us build trust amongst ourselves, users and partners.

Why Work with Begame Group?

We are a diverse and exceptional team who are passionate about ensuring our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We push the boundaries and challenge ourselves and those around us. There are lots of perks of being part of the Begame team, but it’s the shared goal of creating something great whilst having fun that sets us apart. We’re on an exciting journey and if you’re made of the right stuff, jump aboard!
Fast Growing Business
Work within a rapidly growing company with great opportunities for talented and passionate people.
Innovation is encouraged
We are keen to maintain a culture of innovation where we enable the team to really make a difference and flourish.
Trust & flexibility
Work in an inclusive and supportive environment where you take an active part in decision making to solve problems.
In-house product
Work on our own unique products and get to see the immediate impact of your hard work.
Tech & data driven
Cutting-edge technologies and a data-driven approach is how we roll.
Generous remuneration
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Performance pay bonus
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Pension scheme
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Flexible working requests
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Annual loan towards travel
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Bike to work scheme
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Our strategy

Forward-thinking, technology-enabled sustainable growth. Our strategy can be summed up in two parts:


  1. Focus on regulated markets
  2. Lead on responsibility
  3. Focus on casual players
  4. An exciting place to work

  1. Expand into the USA
  2. Grow regulated markets
  3. Enter new markets4
  4. Expand game portfolio

Begame Job Vacancies